spotify vs tiktok collaboration

TikTok and Spotify Collaboration: You Will Receive a 4-Month Trial

YES, you will get shocked to know that SPOTIFY and TIK-TOK collaborate to trial a premium subscription.

spotify and tiktok relation

As everybody knows about Spotify’s streaming features and the popularity of TikTok around the globe. That’s why these two operating systems are cooperating to attract users.

The users of TikTok in Europe and the United Kingdom are permitted access to the premium trial of Spotify free of cost, due to new collaboration between the two organizations.

The users of TikTok from the European countries are permitted to enjoy the premium subscription of Spotify for four months at a very considerable price.

On the morning of (13/07), the company announced the free trials of Spotify premium for Three to Four months. The period of free trials varies by a border.

The necessity of being eligible to get this freedom are:

  • Users’ age must be 18 or above.
  • The user must be the account holder and regular user of TikTok
  • Users must be residents of the Uk, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Turkey, and Spain.
  • Users have not subscribed to the Spotify premium before.

The Tiktok users that are eligible for this offer get an eccentric code by which they get access to the premium trial and get unlimited rewards, Moreover, they can also explore Spotify on Tiktok to discover page.

spotify vs tiktok collaboration

Spotify’s Vice President Marc Hazan said, “Spotify is the app that makes an unbreakable relation between the vocalists and the music lovers. It is the most advanced, user-friendly app that joys the listener every moment and inspires people”.

“TikTok is a fantastic platform for music and lip-syncing where visitors might interact and communicate with the content as they deem right.”

                                                                                      Said:-David Nunez

                                                                                            (Tiktok Head Growth Europe)

They also showed satisfaction with announcing the collaboration with Spotify’s premium to provide the best music to lovers.

The users of TikTok can easily use the trending soundtracks after the collaboration with Spotify.

Tiktok has 100 million users only in the USA and approximately 2 billion downloads worldwide in August.

However, Spotify has 3 million new subscribers in starting months of 2021

With 158 paid users.

“As the top audio streaming service in the world, we are happy to provide qualified TikTok customers in multiple regions access to all the music and podcasts they love anytime, anywhere,” said Marc Hazan, Vice President and Global Head of Premium Business Development at Spotify.

“Spotify unites musicians and listeners in a manner that wasn’t previously conceivable, fostering a multicultural community of music lovers motivated by inspiration and discovery.

“We are excited to share with TikTok’s devoted and expanding user base the many advantages of Spotify Premium, including millions of songs with no ads, on-demand, and offline listening.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get the hottest TikTok tracks on Spotify right away to start increasing the number of people who watch your videos!

For those eligible, TikTok TikTok users in these countries should receive “a unique code” that will allow them to activate the offer. They can access it via their “For You” and “Discover” pages or by searching “Spotify” on TikTok.

This Cooperation can be the vast phase of this video and music industry.

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