spotify vs amazon music comparison

 Spotify VS Amazon Music: In-depth Comparison

Whether you are an Amazon or Spotify lover, you need clarification about the best platform. Don’t worry; we have a research-based article, Spotify VS Amazon Music: In-depth Comparison. 

Spotify Discovery 

In 2006, Danial Ek and Martin Lorentzen created Swedish music streaming software.

In 2008, Spotify made its official debut in Europe, and over the following few years, it expanded to the US.2011 saw the first million users, which was a significant milestone. As a modest start-up, it was created to combat music piracy to make music easily accessible and pay musicians fairly. It’s currently one of the most widely used music streaming services worldwide. There are currently 184 nations that offer it, and each month,406 million people use it actively.

Amazon Music Discovery

In the Us, Amazon Music (formerly Amazon MP3) debuted in 2007. For the first time, DRM-free music or music without digital rights management was made available in the digital music download store. Customers could purchase 256kbps Mp3 music files from well-known and undiscovered record companies through this service. Since its debut, Amazon Music has expanded across Europe, North and South America, and Japan.

As of January 2020, Amazon Music has 55 million subscribers and is accessible in 50 countries.


  • Accessibility 

One hundred eighty-four nations presently have access to Spotify. With only 50 nations Amazon Music, on the other hand, lags .when it comes to Amazon Music’s HD audio component, which is presently only accessible in 7 regions, that number is even smaller.

Spotify is more widely available, making it simpler to access. Spotify also has a wide range of smart device compatibility. For instance, the single-device plan may only be used with an Echo speaker, which may be restrictive for individuals who don’t already have one. Amazon Music, on the other hand, is designed for Alexa-capable gadgets. The fact that Spotify works with well-known speech assistants like apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa is also significant. However, voice commands for the Amazon Music app are not supported on Google devices or by Google Assistant. 



Both Spotify and Amazon are free, which means they offer both free and paid subscription options and both free and paid services. The two free plans share several features, including the ability to skip up to six songs per payback support for adverts with no skip option for ads and continued music playback even while the phone’s display is off.

Only the most popular playlists and Amazon music are available for free access to the collection of Amazon Music. Additionally, they are both unable to download songs. However, Spotify is better than Amazon Music because it grants you full access to its content library, allowing you to listen to anything that grabs your attention. This is significant for users of the free plan.

  • Specific PLAN

Both Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited give you unlimited skips, plays, and offline streaming access to a vast catalog of over 90 million songs. You can listen to tracks at 320 kbps for $9.99 monthly if you subscribe to Spotify Premium. Additionally, the sound quality is significantly better than ordinary, roughly 160 kb/s; it is much more precise and decisive. Amazon Music Unlimited costs $9.99 per month for non-prime Subscribers and $8.99 per month or $89.99 per year if you are a member of Amazon Prime. Currently, Amazon unlimited users on Amazon Echo studio devices have access to a select library of 3D audio soundtracks mastered in Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio. Instead of listening through a limited number of Amazon Music channels,3D audio uses several audio objects that can move around the listener in 3D space, Allowing us to enjoy a more realistic representation of sound than what standard codes would allow. Subscribers to Amazon Music unlimited receive access to millions of songs in HD quality up to 850kbps,16-bit at 44.1KHz, and more than 7 million songs in Ultra HD quality up to 3,730 kbps,24-bit at 192kHz. A one-month trial is available from both Spotify and Amazon Music.

  • Family plans

Both Spotify and Amazon include easy-to-use family plans. Upon expiration of the particular trial, the Amazon Music family subscription will automatically renew for $14.99 per month plus any applicable tax unless we elect to terminate it. At $15.99 a month, Spotify offers a family plan which is a little more expensive. Family members use up to six Spotify Premium accounts under the same roof. Like Spotify, Amazon Music permits up to 6 accounts on various devices. 



Although Spotify Hifi is still under development, it is essential to note this effort to keep up with the competition regarding audio quality. The new premium subscription Spotify Hifi is designed for users who could be pickier about the sound quality of their music. Although the specifics are yet unknown, you’ll pay a little bit extra, but in exchange, you’ll receive a library of songs in lossless format and CD-level quality. Additionally, you’ll keep access to all of the service’s features, including Spotify Connect. It makes sense. We’ll see what happens. 


The most significant option if you’re looking for high-quality audio is Amazon Music unlimited HD. the most extraordinary streaming audio is available on Amazon Music HD, which offers premium music with over 60 million tracks in High Definition and one million tracks in Ultra High Definition. While most conventional streaming services only offer standard Definition (SD)with bit rates up to 320kb/a, Amazon Music HD allows an average bit rate of 850kb/a.For the best audio quality possible, Amazon Music HD offers audio files that are true to the original recording. Just what the doctor ordered for audiophiles. 



With the help of the X-ray lyrics feature, you may utilize Amazon Music as a karaoke machine.the availability of entirely free music and movie streaming,
The availability of tiers for HD and Ultra HD audio,A variety of the most popular and creative podcasts 
The capacity to download music and play it offline on all devices,Personalized playlists 
The family of Amazon devices is rightly integrated,Straightforward and simple to use 
 With the premium edition and excellent audio quality,Attractive social qualities 
A free three-month trial termThe capability of downloading music and podcasts for offline listening,
Compatibility with a web browser app, Mac, iOS, and Android Access to your library is free, and you can listen to songs indefinitely. 
Useful for integrating with other Amazon applications like Amazon Echo.Personalized recommendations for new music based on your listening preferences. 


Cons of Amazon MusicCons of Spotify
Only accessible in specific nations,The free membership includes intrusive voice advertising.
A challenging interface,The sound quality is worse than Amazon Music HD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have described frequently asked questions about Spotify VS Amazon Music: In-depth Comparisons to clear you more about the choices of two ;

From our recommendations, Amazon music is best for listening to music.

From our thorough research, amazon music has a good variety of music content. 

Amazon Music has more value than Spotify.

Spotify has full access to its content library.


We have given all the details in this beautiful article (Spotify VS Amazon Music: In-depth Comparison) that will help you to select the best one. Still, we recommend choosing Spotify as it is the best user interface. 

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