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Spotify Top 10 Artists in the world

Spotify Artists are getting very bigger day by day. But who are the top 10 artists on Spotify in the world? So we will give you the authentic details of the most followed superstars on Spotify of December 2022 that are included in the top ten.

Nowadays everybody is familiar with the fabulous audio music streaming platform Spotify! Yes, it is the most used platform for lessening the music of the top artists of the present world. Spotify is a platform where artists stay active and keep posting their latest songs and the fans can easily discover the branded music of their favorite artists.

The profile of every artist has an about section on Spotify where you can check which artist has more followers or fan following on Spotify. But for the ease of our viewers, we have thoroughly researched and prepared a list of the top ten artists on Spotify that you can check by reading the article from start to end.

British Pop Star Ed Sheeran stays in the top spot-2022. With 100M plus followers he became the first artist to reach such a huge fan following on Spotify and his fan following is still going up. Ariana Grande is the next top female artist and her fan following is also increasing gradually. In the second half of the year non-English language superstar and Indian famous artist, Arjit Singh rose through the chart and made the Sixth position in the list of top 10 artists on Spotify. At position nine there is the most hardworking artist Bad Bunny who makes this position by pushing BTS to position 10 on the release of his newest album Un Verano Sin Ti .

My Favorite artist on Spotify is Arijit Singh and the BTS band which always makes me happy when I listen to them. But who is your favorite and biggest artist on Spotify? And if not on the top list and you want to see him or her in the top list you can freely tell us in the comments section.

Here we have prepared a list of the top 10 artists on Spotify:

    1.Ed Sheeran

106 Million Spotify Followers

2.Ariana Grande

85.6 million followers

3. Billie Eilish

73.1 million followers

4. Drake

69.6 million followers

5. Justin Bieber

68.1 million followers

6. Arijit Singh

64.9 million followers

7. Taylor Swift

63.7 million followers

8. Eminem

62.8 million followers

9. Bad Bunny

60.5 million followers

10. BTS

58.5 million followers

All these are the biggest superstars on Spotify and their fan following is going up with every release of their songs and album. Justin Bieber is a Canadian Singer and also my favorite one. He is famous for his songs such as Stay with The Kid LAROI, “Sorry’ and “Peaches’. The top streaming cities of Ed Sheeran are Mexico City, Sydney, São Paolo, Amsterdam, and London.

Arjit Singh gets more popular because of his melodious song ‘ Tum Hi Ho’.  Cities that most listen to Drake are Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, and New York.

Here is an interesting thing we would like to tell you: Bad Bunny is the only artist who came to the top artist list for three consecutive years (2020,2021, and 2022).

These are the artists who are included in the top 10 artists list on Spotify in the world.

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