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Spotify Announces New Copy Lead: The Ultimate Guide to Podcast Growth

A few months ago, Spotify paid attention and made a couple of revisions to its podcasting division. The latest from one of them is the hiring of a new copy lead.  The duties of unnamed new copy leads include assuming ownership of Spotify for the brand voice of podcasters.  This shows that Spotify is increasing its potential through its podcasting division for creators and is grooming its value in the market.


The announcement of a new copy lead is one of the adjustments made to the Spotify podcasting platform.  Spotify announced plans to end its 11 original podcasts in October of last year.  Moreover, in December, Spotify closed the green room and stand-alone live audio app.

All the moderation shows that Spotify is trying to compete and grow in the podcast industry.

Spotify’s dedication to growing the podcasting division can be seen after the addition of new copy leads.This enhancement in the podcasting sector demonstrates that Spotify is working to empower the tone of its brand and attract more creators. This indicates that Spotify is growing, especially in the podcast market, and will give tough competition to its competitors in the future.

Here are some authentic reasons behind Spotify’s decision to hire a new copy lead.

  • To attract more creators to its podcasting platform and improve its brand voice.
  • To compete with other podcasting services like Apple Podcasts and Amazon Music.
  • To widen its audience and increase the number of podcasts.

The strategy of hiring a new copy lead indicates that the company is promoting its podcast division and will make big announcements in the future.

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