how to change spotify password

How To Change Your Spotify Password

Welcome everybody, If you are worried about your Spotify account

Then I have great news for you, Spotify has a feature through which you can easily change or reset your account password without using a single penny. In the following article, I will show you the easiest way to do that, So let’s start. If you have mistakenly locked out your account or want to change your previous Spotify password then Cheer up!

It’s an easy task.

Spotify is the most popular music streaming app, having more than 113 million users globally (According to a survey Oct 2022). The free membership gives users access to features by which they can easily listen to music without any extra charges (albeit with annoying ads interrupting your music).

To get rid of these ads and gain access to other features, you must have to sign up for a Spotify premium account or you can also consider the Spotify Mod Apk; Although these accounts are mostly in the use by hackers who do not want to pay for their subscriptions.

It is essential to get update your Spotify account’s password regularly,

Ensuring that it is not apparent and that it is not already in use with any of your other accounts or application.

Spotify allows a single device to stream at a time so every song played by your account hackers automatically stopped. This results in a war between users and hackers and the songs are also played by the preference of hackers.

How the Spotify’s password Changed.?

Do you know your existing Spotify password and want to alter it? The first thing to remember when changing your Spotify password is that you cannot do it through the smartphone or desktop applications; instead, go to in your browser.

STEP 1:- First of all, open in your web browser and then Log in with your current credentials.

STEP 2:-Now, from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner of your computer, Tap profile>Account.

STEP 3:-Spotify will now reveal a summary of your account information to you.

The change password is located on the left-hand sidebar. Simply click on it.

 STEP 4:-Enter your old password once, and after that your new password (which you must repeat to ensure you typed it correctly). Afterward, click the Set New Password option.

Your account’s password is changed successfully now!


                  After the complete study of this article hope that the alteration of the password is not big deal for you people,SSPOTIFE.COM is working for their loved users to solve their problems and answer their queries.

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