How To Find Your Spotify Wrapped 2023

Hey! Dear Spotify lover, are you curious about your Spotify wrapped-up in the year 2022 and you don’t know how to find your Spotify wrapped 2023? Okay, Relax! We are here to give you a complete guide to finding your yearly wrap-up for 2022. After reading our article you will not find any difficulty while finding your wrapped up 2023.

As we know that many new users don’t know about this interesting feature of Spotify of wrapping the listen data.  If you are unaware of what Spotify wrapped up don’t worry at all we are going to give a brief introduction about it. Spotify wrapped is an annual tradition of Spotify where they provide a collection of visual representations of podcasts, genres, and artists, and to the users, they most listen to in the past year. As these representations came to you in the form of cards that you can share on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and WhatsApp. Spotify wrapped is an excellent way to show your musical taste.

How To Check Your Own Wrapped Spotify Playlist?

Hurry! It is very easy to find and check your Spotify yearly wrapped-up. To find your Spotify Wrapped of 2022 follows the below guidelines:

You must be logged into your own Spotify account that must be running for years.

Then copy or click this link Spotify wrapped and you will be there and can easily see your past year wrapped in Spotify and discover interesting facts and figures about your unique music taste.

spoyify wrapped

Spotify Wrapped On Android & iOS

If you are using an Android or iOS device you can also find your Spotify-wrapped statistics on your phone by opening the Spotify app or APK Spotify and going to “Your Library”. Open the “ Playlist” and now open “ Your Top Songs Of 2022”.

Spotify Wrapped Released Date Of 2023

Usually, Spotify releases every December and November. Last year it was the first of December and now in 2023, it was released on November 30.

What Things Are Shown By Spotify Wrapped?

There are a variety of statistics shown on the Spotify playlist wrapped up these are:

  • Your top songs
  • Your top genres
  • Your top artists
  • The total time you spent on Spotify listening to music.
  • The total number of new artists you have discovered on Spotify.
  • The total number of countries who have played your music to listen to.
Sharing Your Spotify Wrapped

After watching your Spotify wrapped on your device you may want to share your wrapped statistics with your friends and family. It is very easy to share these wrapped statistics just do it now.

Copy or click the link and paste it on your browser. There comes a variety of cards for sharing and you can share it with your friends and family on any social media platform.

You can also share these yearly wrapped statistics with friends on the Spotify app. Just go into “ Your Library” and open “ Your top songs of 2022”  just tap the share button and select a platform you want to share.

If you are finding difficulty, how to share Spotify Wrapped with friends? But after reading it you can clarify about sharing Spotify Wrapped music.

Can I Also See My Spotify Wrapped In The Year 2022?

Yes of course! You can easily view your Spotify wrapped in 2022. What you do is open” Your Library” open Playlist and scroll down and you see “ Your Top Songs Of 2021” and click to open it

How To Check Your Spotify Wrapped Stats Round-Year?

It is important to see your Spotify wrapped year- round although Spotify wrapped is a great way to listen to data. If you know a good tool to see your Spotify Premium APK wrapped then you can track your habits of listening to music and finding new music.

It’s very easy to do so try it Now!

First, you have to download the Spotify Tracker App. We recommend you download by this link 

So when you log in with your own account on the website you can easily see all your listening habits on Spotify wrapped.

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