spotify new floating mini player

Spotify Tested New Floating Mini Player UI For Android Devices

Spotify is now enhancing music applications and upgrading to Android with a new structure, theme, and design known as Floating Mini Player.

As it offers rounded corners to users, the new floating effect feature has become the most salient feature of Spotify.  It provides new, modern quality as well as an attractive look to the users. Though when you Listen to the music, the theme and color change as well, like the album.

Spotify upgrades its updates and makes the new mini player more attractive than the old one, which makes a lot of difference between them.

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You will see many options, like the search bar, library, and home buttons, with a transparent theme below the mini player.

Moreover, you found the various colored variants of the Spotify Mini Player.

The newly updated application shows the song’s name just before the singer’s name. In addition, you can also see the play and pause buttons like before.

Spotify testing new floating mini player

The Design squad at Spotify stays tuned to the trend, either in testing or in nature.  Hence, this is the main intention of what you are getting to go through with this new floating mini player.

Spotify has launched a new mini player that follows the ongoing trend.

Spotify modified its previous square design to a round design, implementing the right steps and trends.

Unfortunately, you can’t play it even if you are using the latest version because this new version of the mini player is running on the stable version of Android.

You have to wait a bit longer to get access to all these features.

Spotify testing new floating mini player

 Advantages of the Spotify Floating Mini Player

 Enhancing Multitasking and User Experience

 The Spotify floating mini player is a game-changer for those who frequently switch between various apps or browse the web while enjoying their favorite tunes. It eliminates the need to switch back and forth between the music app and other applications, providing a seamless experience.

 Personalization and Recommendations

 Spotify’s floating mini player integrates seamlessly with the platform’s powerful recommendation algorithms. Users can access personalized playlists, discover new music, and receive tailored recommendations, all while continuing their daily activities.

Compatibility and Accessibility

The floating mini player is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a vast user base. Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or even a smartwatch, you can enjoy the benefits of this innovative feature.

 Integrating Social Media 

The Spotify floating mini player also facilitates social sharing. Users can effortlessly share their favorite songs, playlists, or podcast episodes with friends and followers on various social media platforms, further enhancing the music discovery experience.

Boosting Discoverability and Music Exploration

By allowing users to seamlessly access and control their music while engaging with other apps, the floating mini player encourages music exploration. Users can easily discover new artists, genres, or podcasts without interrupting their workflow.

The Future of the Spotify Floating Mini Player 

As Spotify continues to refine and expand its features, the floating mini player is poised to become an integral part of the music streaming experience. With ongoing developments and user feedback, we can expect further enhancements, improved integration, and additional functionalities in the future. 


Spotify’s new floating mini player has redefined the way we interact with music on our devices. Its ability to seamlessly integrate music playback with multitasking makes it a valuable addition for users across the globe. By enhancing the user experience, personalization, and discoverability, Spotify has once again proven its commitment to revolutionizing the music streaming industry.

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