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Spotify Relation With Giphy: Here is the information.

Spotify launched a new relationship with the online GIF database GIPHY this morning to enable the discovery of new music using GIFs. If you’re wondering, no, the GIFs themselves will not play song snippets. Instead, there will be an option to click a button to be sent immediately to Spotify to hear the artist’s music via a sequence of new Spotify-linked GIFs. Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Post Malone, Nicki Minaj, The Kid LAROI, Conan Gray, and more artists will have Spotify-linked GIFs available on their official GIPHY profile page when it launches. More artists will be added as time goes on.

The new integration’s goal is to enable consumers to engage with Spotify music through their regular communications, such as SMS, group chats, and other areas where GIFs are utilized. This is akin to Spotify’s existing connections with social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, where users may exchange music via Stories and messaging. It’s essentially a user acquisition approach that takes advantage of online social activities — in this example, sharing GIFs — while also benefiting the artists through increased visibility.

You can find the new Spotify-linked GIFs on the artist’s page on or through GIPHY’s mobile app. The supported GIFs will include a new “Listen on Spotify” button at the bottom which will appear alongside the GIF when it’s shared. When clicked, users are redirected from the GIF to the artist’s page on Spotify, where they can stream their music or browse to discover more songs they want to hear. We understand GIPHY worked in collaboration with the artists to bring their music to its platform, rather than the artists’ labels.

The function is offered to users all around the world on authorized GIPHY artist sites, and it can be accessed via GIPHY’s online and mobile platforms. This is how it works:

GIFs by musicians may be obtained on their official GIPHY channel via or GIPHY’s mobile applications.

Once you’ve landed on the artist’s official GIPHY channel, select the GIF you want to utilize.

On any participating GIF, click the “Listen on Spotify” option.

Users will be sent to the artist’s Spotify website, where they may listen to and discover even more music from their favorite musicians.

Spotify has been upgrading its experience on Apple devices in recent weeks. The business resumed its Apple Watch offline playback deployment at the beginning of the month, with customers reporting seeing this capability in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Brazil, UAE, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Portugal, Malaysia, and other countries.

Spotify has recently launched a new beta version that includes native support for M1 Macs. This means that the Mac program may now operate natively on M1 Macs without the need for Apple’s Rosetta 2 translation technology.

“For GIPHY, this is just the beginning of what we anticipate to be an exciting and long-lasting partnership with Spotify. It’s the perfect extension of GIPHY’s mission to make the world more animated as we work with Spotify to bring artists even more visibility for their music as well as more opportunities to engage with their fans” — Lydia Getachew, Director of Business Development at GIPHY

While GIPHY has a rich network of integration partners, this integration has been an exciting step into the realm of music, and we can’t wait to explore how else GIFs, Clips, and Stickers can help partners like Spotify generate even more interaction possibilities.

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Furthermore, you will be pleased to learn about Tiktok and Spotify’s collaboration, TikTok has joined up with Spotify to give qualified members of the TikTok community four months free of Spotify Premium in the UK.

In addition, depending on the country, the deal will be offered in six other European markets for three or four months of free Spotify Premium. It aims to reach millions of prospective new Spotify consumers.

The merger brings together two streaming industry titans: the established market leader in audio streaming and the thriving short-form video app. It also highlights the two companies’ increasingly symbiotic connection, with TikTok driving streaming use and Spotify’s massive archive seeding the video app with prospective music material.

The offer is open to qualified individuals aged 18 and up with a TikTok profile in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, and Turkey who have never subscribed to Spotify Premium before. Those who qualify will receive a one-of-a-kind code that will allow them to redeem the Spotify Premium offer.

TikTok users may find the offer on their ‘For You’ and ‘Discover’ Pages, a profile icon on the ‘Me’ Page, by searching TikTok for ‘Spotify,’ or by clicking on the needed link from their mobile devices.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Once on the artist’s official GIPHY channel, click on the GIF you’d like to useTap the “Listen on Spotify” button on any participating GIF

Giphy is a company that provides social media and messaging platforms with animated GIF images that users can embed in posts and messages.

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