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Spotify Vs Pandora: In-Depth Comparison

For a long time, Pandora has made a name for itself by mimicking the radio format. In recent years Pandora has changed a lot because of the emergence of Spotify, which has become one of the top-notch services for discovering music and a popular music listening platform. But here you need clarification about which is better for listening to music. So we will tell you all about Pandora Premium and Spotify Premium in this article. You don’t need to be confused more about these two platforms as now we are going to give an accurate and in-depth comparison to you for free.

One interesting fact about the two is that the user base of Spotify is more perfect than Pandora. But if Pandora continues to improve itself, then it will increase its user base. That’s not enough; you must know many other things before selecting any audio streaming platform as your favorite one.

Spotify VS Pandora

As we know, both platforms are performing very well, but we are confused about when we want to choose these two platforms. So to rule out this confusion in the user’s mind, we bring an in-depth comparison between Spotify and Pandora based on our research from YouTube and interviewing the users of both platforms and my own experience. So read the precise, detailed analysis to choose the better one.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is an essential thing in any excellent audio streaming platform.

As for free users, Pandora gives 64 kbps audio streaming quality, while Premium users provide high-quality audio streaming of 192 Kbps.

On the other hand, for free users, Spotify gives 1660 kbps audio streaming quality, while Premium users provide high-quality audio streaming of 320 Kbps.

We recommend you use Spotify for a better experience, as it offers good audio streaming quality in both free and premium subscriptions.


The user always gives importance to the content before subscribing to any platform.

There are almost 10 million plus songs on Pandora, which means that there is less chance of finding your favorite artist on Pandora than on Spotify.

While on the other hand, Spotify has more than 85 million songs and tons of podcasts for users. Therefore there is more chance of finding your favorite artist and his songs.

Spotify is a content-rich platform, and Pandora is far away from the level of Spotify.

Pricing & Plans (2022-2023)

Spotify offers three basic plans to its users. If you want to buy for yourself, then buy Individual Plan that costs $9.99/month. To use the same Spotify account on six different devices, you must purchase a Family Plan that costs $15.99/month. Students can subscribe to a Student plan that costs $.99/month.

But Pandora offers only one basic plan equal to Student Plan and costs almost $4.99/month.

PlatformFree PlanIndividual PlanFamily PlanStudent Plan

But don’t worry about that; users can use free versions with ads watching.


Many Music Discoveries are present nowadays, like Spotify, Pandora, TikTok, StarMaker, etc.

Based on your music attitude, Spotify auto-creates tons of your favorite music playlists. On the home page, you can find Weekly Mix and My Mix. You can easily find music of different languages and genres on Your PC, Mobile phone, etc. Spotify’s yearly wrap-up always makes you feel old music in a new style.

While based on genres, Pandora has categorized the music. The For You section helps to find and suggest your favorite songs. There is fewer playlists limit of almost 100 playlists.

User- Interface

UI is an essential factor for any platform as it helps users to become more interactive with the platform, and users always search for good UI platforms.

The dark theme on Spotify makes it attractive to users. All the main options are easily navigable such as home, search, and Library options on the bottom bar. To access other settings, you have to click on a profile photo.

While Pandora has a dark and blue light theme, so it doesn’t look too bad. You can easily navigate different options on Pandora, like Find Profile, My Collection, and For You.

If you want to experience great UI, you can use both platforms as both have good UI.


One of the vital things you must confirm before subscribing to any platform as the platform is compatible with your device, such as a PC, mobile phone, etc., and available in your country.

Because Pandora is limited to a few countries, such as Australia, the USA, and New Zealand, we recommend you select Pandora plans if you are a citizen of these countries.

Both platforms can be used as a web app and mobile app and are readily available on Play Store and Apple App Store, and Mode APK sites. But to use Pandora on a desktop, you need a Premium version of Pandora.

We recommend you go with Spotify to avoid all types of limitations, like county limitations.

Additional Features

Both platforms are still fantastic in their way of providing service. Let’s see how:

There is no option for local music or importing any song from your device on Pandora, but Spotify has these options.

 Spotify doesn’t provide a Parental Control feature, but Pandora has this feature.

The navigation app of both platforms can be used and integrated into car play.

Voice Assistant is a unique feature o Pandora where you can give commands.

Pandora doesn’t allow its users to download music with a premium subscription, but Spotify has this feature and allows its users to download music.

You can not create a custom playlist on Pandora, but you can make it on Spotify.


We hope you are not confused more after reading this beautiful article we have written for you, Spotify and Pandora lovers. We 

 have given a research and experience base analysis of Spotify VS Pandora in detail for your ease. We recommend you select the platform that fulfills your needs and requirements. 

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